On February 1, 2015, we bought “A Taste of Africa” from Debbie, the founder, as it really complimented our offerings with Ntaba African Safaris, as we specialize in travel to Southern Africa. We were excited to incorporate A Taste of Africa with Ntaba African Safaris to truly bring you a taste of all that Africa has to offer. The two companies go hand in hand.

Like us, Debbie was born and raised in South Africa, and our roots run deep. A Taste of Africa was started from a sense of nostalgia; a yearning to have a taste of something familiar, a taste of home. Not only do we want to bring these wonderful South African products to former South Africans now living in the United States, who are longing for these familiar tastes, but we are offering them to everyone in the United States who is looking to experience something new and unique.

We want to give you a taste of what Africa has to offer. This also provides the opportunity for clients who have traveled with Ntaba African Safaris to South Africa to be able to purchase and enjoy the products here within the U.S. which they came to know and love on their travels with us.

We are so excited to share these wonderful South African products with you and bring you a Taste of Africa in the United States..

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