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vineyard in cape winelands, south africa
Best Vineyards in South Africa The South African wine region possesses some of the finest wines in the world. While you can’t currently visit South Africa to sample the wines you can learn more about these fantastic vineyards and be inspired for a future trip. This growing region not only provides great wines but a...
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mountain gorilla uganda
African Destinations to visit in 2020 Africa is a gorgeous continent with scenery and wildlife like nowhere else on earth. The continent is extremely large and has a number of amazing destinations. With so much to do, you will return time and time again. One of the main things people do in Africa is safari....
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Things to do in Ghana with your Family Multigenerational travel in Ghana will yield rainbow covered waterfalls, bustling cities, and pristine coastlines. From the castles dotted along the coast to the famous Ghana safari, a trip to Ghana will be highly educational and filled with opportunities to interact with the Ghanaian people and culture. With...
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african safari
7 Types of African Safari An African safari is perhaps one of the most iconic things you could do on a trip to Africa or anywhere! A safari can easily turn your trip into something unforgettable, but have you considered all the types of an African safari on the market? There is a multitude of...
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kili hike
Hiking Kilimanjaro: what you need to know Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is a dormant volcano and has three volcanic cones. These are Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. It is Africa’s highest mountain. Its summit is sixteen thousand one hundred feet from its base. It is nineteen thousand three hundred forty-one foot above sea level. Some records...
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Africa as a travel destination might not be on the radar for some adventurers because simply put, they are not sure about what to expect when they arrive on the continent. It is well known for its wildlife, deserts, and hot climates. But hidden behind these numerous opinions is the true allure of Africa as...
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