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Discover travel with the help of Ntaba African Safaris.

Scheduled African Safaris

Discover Africa with Ntaba African Safaris. Africa is a continent like no other – get close to wildlife in its natural habitat, meet the friendliest people in the world, learn ancient cultures and create lasting memories.
We run group departure tours throughout the year to Southern Africa and East Africa.
You can explore our scheduled departures below.

Southern Africa

South Africa, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, & Chobe, Botswana

Travel with Ntaba African Safaris to discover the wonders of Southern Africa.

East Africa

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, & Rwanda

East Africa as you’ve never imagined!

Would you rather customize your holiday?

Decide where you want to go, when you want to go and how much you want to spend – you are in full control!

At Ntaba we specialise in putting together tailor-made trips to Africa. With your input, we’ll plan all the details and come up with your perfect holiday.

View our selection of sample tours to get you dreaming!