About Ntaba African Safaris

We Don’t Send You to Africa. We Take You There.

How do we make your Ntaba African Safari so memorable? We are passionate about what we do, which is making your African experience truly unforgettable.

Ntaba African Safaris owners, Robin and Stella Mountain (“ntaba” is Zulu for “mountain”), are native South Africans and now U. S. citizens. They have intimate, current knowledge of the southern and east African countries you will visit and every element and aspect of your itinerary, from lodges to airlines to tour guides.

They speak the languages, and are passionate about Africa and sharing this beautiful place with you. They are your hosts, taking you to Africa, ensuring Africa will seep into your soul.

“Robin went out of his way providing the group personal, caring service; his knowledge of the country and ability to communicate with his people was such an added benefit and gave me such a feeling of security.”

~ Virginia Nester, Frankfort, Kentucky


Both Robin and Stella were born and raised in South Africa.

The family moved to Frankfort, Kentucky in mid-2003, before establishing Ntaba African Safaris in April 2005.

Robin John MountainAbout Robin:

  • Is Owner & CEO of Ntaba African Safaris
  • Is a qualified and registered national South African Guide and personally accompanies the majority of Ntaba scheduled tours to Africa.
  • Is a South African Tourist National Guide certified by South African Tourism.
  • Has traveled extensively throughout Africa, speaks the local languages, has a degree in Animal Science, and has extensive knowledge of the African Cultures, wild animals and bird life.
  • Has summited Mount Kilimanjaro three times.
  • Has trekked through the jungles of Uganda & Rwanda with the gorillas & chimpanzees.
  • Robin speaks English, Afrikaans, German, Zulu, & other local South African languages.
  • Email Robin at: 

 About Stella:

  • Is Owner & President of Ntaba African Safaris
  • Is a South Africa Fundi Tourism Expert certified by South African Tourism.
  • Personally leads groups to Southern Africa and co-leads tours with Robin, and is known for going out of her way to keep guests happy and comfortable and the tours operating smoothly and efficiently.
  • Stella speaks English, Afrikaans, German, Zulu, & other local South African languages.
  • Stella is a VIP Member of The National Association of Professional Women. View her profile here.
  • Email Stella at: 

 About Lisa:

  • Lisa is Ntaba African Safaris’ lovely Office Manager.
  • She is a Certified South African Specialist.
  • She is our chief telephone operator & does a wonderful job keeping all of your plans in order.
  • She enjoys helping you plan exciting adventures to Africa and loves seeing the smiling faces of excited & pleased clients.
  • Email Lisa at: 

 About Kristi:

  • Kristi works in our office keeping up a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ work needed to get your trips on track!
  • Email Kristi at: 

 About Johannie:

  • Johannie assists in crafting itineraries for your Ntaba African Safari.
  • She is from South Africa as well & now resides in KY, working in our main office.
  • Email Johannie at: 

 About Tina:

  • Tina is in close contact with clients from initial enquiries to itinerary creation.
  • She is a Certified South African Specialist.
  • She has joined Ntaba on safaris to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Zanzibar and has trekked with the Gorillas in Rwanda.
  • Tina is a great source of information and advice on travel to Africa because she’s so passionate about sharing Africa with others.
  • Email Tina at: 

 About Des:

  • Des is one of our brilliant, qualified and registered South African Tour Guides!
  • Qualified SA Specialist / SA Fundi Tourism Expert as certified by South African Tourism
  • Born and raised in South Africa, currently based in Cape Town
  • Has traveled many African countries including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, & Nigeria, amongst others
  • Keen interest in nature, specifically wildlife and safari events
  • Thoroughly enjoys sharing sights and experiences with visitors to Southern Africa and beyond!
  • Email Des at: 

 About Jamie:

  • Jamie is Ntaba African Safaris’ California Agency Sales Director.
  • Has been in the travel business for over 30 years & is the owner of Corral de Tierra Travel.
  • Has traveled many times to Southern & Eastern Africa herself & with clients.
  • Offers personable service to each clients travel ideas, and streamlines them to what is best suited to their needs.
  • Email Jamie at: 

 About Helen:

  • Helen is Ntaba African Safaris’ Outside Agent in Arizona, USA.
  • 3rd generation, born and raised in South Africa.
  • Traveled South Africa quite extensively as well as Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, BotswanaKenya, and Tanzania.
  • Certified South African Specialist.
  • Photographer, specializing in wildlife photography & is extremely passionate about wildlife and Africa!
  • Email Helen at:

 About Steve:

  • Steve is Ntaba African Safaris’ Outside Agent in Florida, USA.
  • He is a native of South Africa where he grew up, & moved to the USA with his wife in 2013.
  • He has received Level 1 status from The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA).
  • Steve worked in anti-poaching for South African National Parks & has worked in every major reserve in South and East Africa.
  • Steve has worked in most of the high-end Eastern & Southern Africa lodges and reserves in both tourism roles and conservation roles. He also makes handcrafted African knives.
  • Steve also speaks 5 of the 11 official languages in South Africa as well as a handful of other languages.
  • Email Steve at:

You too can become a specialist on South Africa.

This course will aide you in the beginnings of becoming part of the Ntaba African Safaris Team!




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