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News: Tanzania & Rwanda join forces to boost tourism

In an effort to encourage tourists to spend more nights within Tanzania & Rwanda, the respective travel associations in each of the countries (The Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) and Rwanda Tours and Travel Association (RTTA)) have agreed to jointly market the countries.

Source: ATTA

This is a fantastic move as the two countries complement each other brilliantly by offering different experiences. There are many things you can do in Tanzania which you cannot do in Rwanda and vice versa. This collaboration will hopefully make it easier to explore both countries and help raise awareness of just how amazing East Africa is.

We don’t yet know the full extent of what will come from the combined efforts of the two countries. If they want to attract more visitors then perhaps we can speculate that they will look to creating a dual visa, therefore, making it cheaper for people to travel to Rwanda & Tanzania… Regardless, we look forward to seeing what comes from this partnership as we love both of these destinations.

For many years, Ntaba African Safaris have combined Tanzania and Rwanda in our safaris. The countries border one another which means you lose little time when travelling between the destinations. For example, if you were to fly from Rwanda’s capital Kigali to Tanzania’s administrative hub, Dar es Salaam, it would take around 2 hours.

To celebrate this news we have put together a terrific 12-day safari starting in Rwanda and ending in Zanzibar. Picture the scene: gorilla tracking in Rwanda on day-3 of your safari and spotting big game in the Northern Serengeti on day 4! Magic. View the tour: https://ntabaafrica.com/tour/2019-august-tanzania-rwanda/

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